Gravy: Afterlife Social Media

February 11 2018

Gravy is an afterlife social media platform that allows you to continue to connect after you cross to the other side. By installing Gravy’s proprietary deep learning algorithms in all your current social media accounts, our app aggregates the entirety of your data into an AI replica of you that can continue to create, share, and connect with friends and family in perpetuity.

Gravy operates on a freemium model. Once you’ve built your Gravy profile, browse the Gravy store and check out our constantly-growing of in-app content. Choose your own skins, themes, add-ons, soundscapes, and page layouts. We’re even offering reduced prices for our full CGI-suit VR pack, which allows users to create custom avatars that will be fully interactive once a user’s account activates.

Until now, death has meant the end of your social media presence. You can’t engage with content if you’re not alive! What will happen to the sum of your online activity once you cross the great divide of mortality? Nothing will happen. Your accounts will sit inactive like monuments to a static past in which you were alive, signposts to nowhere. Your vibrant online life of today will stand forgotten like the ivy-festooned relics of yesterday, mere oddities on the roadside of life. That’s why we made Gravy.

Create a free account today. See where it takes you. And think of the possibilities. Tomorrow might be the first day of the rest of your death. Don't be content for it to end there.

Gravy Corporation
The Beyond

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