Thanks You's

February 10 2018

Hi you,

I'm Alice, it is a honour to meet you, and be this side of things. I am a designer and I design activity product for people living with dementia. I care a lot about ageing, dementia, care homes and end of life. If that's of interest to you, and you'd like to follow me on twitter, my handle is at the bottom of here.

I thought about sharing my lessons on life so far with you, although I have found these things work better when you discover them yourself - so all that I would say is live as fully and as presently as you can, all in, the best and worst of all of it. I also like to create some space to reflect on how you feel about things and keep a reminder of whats making you happy and what you want to change.

I wanted to share with you one thing. I asked my partner to subscribe to the list last night - and in doing so I am very much hoping that really only one person reads this, and it will matter to him. One of my favourite things is sharing intimate things with strangers. So here are two poems I wrote and I wish very much that you have the opportunity to experience such love and togetherness in any of its forms.

Have a lovely day,


These Knees

Far under the puffed warm, off-white sheets,
And between the electric blanket,
our solid body heats.

Slipping into a silky, delicate, pocket so fine.
As your gentle folded,
legs hold mine.

Joining the distance between me and us,
Closely in league with
those hairy knees trust.

To sleep, you say, as I let go of all the things
I want us to be and all the things we can be.


To you. Thank you for us.

For teaching me how to double knot my flat red boots.
For separating our washing into sensible piles.
For the weekend smell of bread filling our home.
For knitting collective memories.

For listening to my poems that don't rhyme.
For this togetherness, I couldn't live without.
For this deepness of care, everything begins from.
For reminding me to be light and laugh till it hurts.

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