Not So Terrible Twos

February 12 2018

Not So Terrible Twos:

Part I
I had been on the Listserve for two years the first time I won the opportunity to share my thoughts with the twenty-two thousand of you. That was two years ago.

In that email, I asked Listservers to pass on opportunities in Latin America and China. I received many responses, one of which was from an alumnus of Princeton in Latin America, a fellowship program with which I am currently working in Argentina.

Two years ago, the Listserve gave me a platform to reach out to the world. Connecting with that first alumni gave me the courage to reach out to a second, and the twenty others after that. The Listserve helped bring me back to the region that I so dearly love.

Part Two:
Writing to you now, I am in the second half of my fellowship in Argentina, working at a non-profit to empower high-impact entrepreneurs. While this experience has been a challenge in many ways, I have found so much happiness in Buenos Aires--the happiness I couldn't quite achieve in D.C. Since I left, I've stopped focusing so much on my destination, and started taking time to enjoy the journey. What a difference that has made.

They say good things come in threes, but twos seem to be more my style.

Two weeks ago, I was selected to support a think tank on their efforts and focus in Argentina.

Two weeks from now, it will be the Lunar New Year and the year I complete two full Chinese zodiac cycles.

Two days ago, I was notified that I would again have the amazing opportunity to reach out to all of you. I am so grateful to be a part of this network and I want to take this chance to send my love to the Listserve community and thank you all for supporting me.

Though I'm still very much in the midst of part two, I'm sure there will be a part three. I think I'll spend a few more years in Argentina (two seems like a good number), and then pursue graduate studies. With all that I've learned here, I know that I need to continue to improve my technical skills. I am looking for a graduate program that will support me in my professional goal of supporting sustainable development in Latin America through the private sector.

You all have opened my heart for a second time and though it is still scary to be so vulnerable, I am learning, learning that there are always more supporters in the world than detractors, that love is powerful, and so am I, and you all have played a part in that. So, while I have the chance, I would like to once again ask all of you for a little help. I would appreciate it if you could pass along opportunities in Argentina and share your experiences in dual degrees in MBA/MA in International Development/Latin American Studies.

Kathy K. Lui
[email protected]
Buenos Aires, Argentina

P.S. I wrote this on 2/2. The universe works in weird ways.

Kathy K. Lui
Buenos Aires, Argentina
[email protected]

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