An Eye Forward

June 28 2017

Cancer Sucks. I got it last year. But i'm back!

If you want to learn about computers and how to build them, and what all those components are, you can get my ebook for free if you don't want to pay anything for it on smashwords(dot)com - How to Build Your Own Computer: No Frills, No Filler, Just Answers. (I have a few other books on there)

Recommended reading:
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Philosophy of Mind

Look into MBTI (it's a personality thing. it's fun - realize that the tests can get you wrong)

The hypertrophy specific training (HST) method works great for hard-gainers like me looking to bodybuild. It's a great place to start. If you do that, get whey protein powder from Optimum (tasty easily mixed stuff) for after lifting, and take a casein protein powder shake before bed to stay anabolic (building muscle).

Salvia is a hallucinatory "drug" that's not illegal in most places - the "high" lasts literally just a few minutes but can feel like hours and hours. Don't do it near flammable items like blankets and carpets if you're doing it alone.

You can get LSA from a cold water extraction on morning glory seeds or hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (I used vodka instead of water, just enough to cover. I feel like it was more successful) - you can get ergot poisoning from this (not exactly deadly or anything) and the vasoconstriction is INCREDIBLE. I did 20 HBWR once. WHEW! NOT for beginners...

If you're writing, look into HARO (i think) it's something like Help A Reporter Out

Programming is the future, and so is AI and machine learning. LEARN NOW or be left behind.

When people talk about problem solving and critical thinking, it has nothing to do with being able to work through some algorithm you got in school. The truth about problem solving and critical thinking, the kind doctorates in university do, is about being able to apply the solutions you've got in your head to the problem at hand. You might not have all the skills to solve whatever problem you have at first, but that's where learning comes in. I wanted to build a website - so i got a template (this also assumes i know how to use computers), then i figured out how to host my template on my computer and play with it. Then i learned how to manipulate the code to do what i wanted. I keep running into problems that need solving. So i learn, experiment, solve, apply what i know, and move on to the next problem.

God there's so many problems... Always problems.

Great techno station:
Great instrumental hip-hop: go to youtube and lookup ChilledCow and their livestream lofi-hip hop

GIMP is a free photoshop alternative that's almost identical.
Foxit Reader is a, mostly, lightweight PDF viewer alternative to Adobe's bloated garbage

Linux isn't that bad once you get to know it.


I'm a jack of all trades. I've written fiction and non-fiction, produced music, program, draw for art as well as create digital art, build and fix computers, did house remodeling for 10+ years, and i love driving my subaru impreza like a little crotch rocket.

I'm also interested in other jobs, but i'm the sole earner for a fam of 4 so my wages are fairly high (or low depending on where you are in life).

I'm sort of a shaman, or i'd like to think so. I wish drugs were more available. The ones nature makes.

I could always use more friends. Feel free to reach out. This email was entirely off the top of my head :D time to go to my regularly scheduled hospital visit...

David M
East Coast, US
[email protected]

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