Raw Milk & Me

June 30 2017

I have only gotten two reactions when I bring up the topic of raw milk in conversation. (I bring it up often.) The first is indifference; many people don’t know that unpasteurized milk exists. The second reaction is uncontrolled rage from those that have heard of it, and what they heard falls along the lines of (1) “it kills people”; (2) “the FDA says it kills people”; or (3) “what are you trying to do, kill me?”

I’m not here to fight. Years of arguing with people about how they should eat has taught me to never tell other people how to eat. I’m here to tell you why I love raw milk so much.

When you are thirsty and sweaty, nothing is more satisfying than gulping down a pint of raw milk. Some science thing last year found that milk is even more hydrating than water! Gulp that down!

Raw milk tastes different everywhere you go. Its taste changes based on the animal’s breed, the animal’s feed, the season, and how it’s produced/stored. You know how craft beer nerds go crazy about hops varietals? People are going to do that about cow breeds someday. “Bro, have you tried that Jersey/Ayrshire cross yet? It’s so dank!”

Raw milk is a complete food. It provides everything a person needs – protein, vitamins and minerals, fats so that our bodies can absorb those fat-soluble nutrients, and water. Why do you think babies drink it?

Buying raw milk, at least in most states in the US, is an excellent way to support your local farmer. Many states mandate purchasing it directly from farm stores, which in many ways is a drag, but in others is nice because it means you can visit a farm and rest assured that your entire food dollar is going into the farmer’s pocket.

Milk goes well with all foods, except mayyybe gazpacho. If you suggest something it might not go well with, I will try it and report back about the experience.

Raw milk is illegal in many states in the US, so drinking it makes me feel totally badass. I used to be in an illegal raw milk buying club in Washington DC (I walked an hour a week to pick up milk from a cooler in some lady’s back yard!). At some point a federal government agency ran a sting operation to shut down our farmer, but we just switched to a new farmer. How horrible is that!

If you’re hungry and there’s not much by way of snacks, a glass of raw milk is basically a meal replacement.

Raw milk advocates cite lotsa groovy health benefits from drinking it. Things like shinier hair and stronger fingernails and dripping it into your eyeballs to rid pinkeye. I really appreciate incorporating something that feels like magic into my daily life.

That’s enough about raw milk. Google it if you want to find some near you.

Besides my love of raw dairy, these few things more or less sum me up:
My favorite old band is the Grateful Dead.
My favorite current band is Lotus.
Every year my family dresses in costume for the Renaissance Faire. I used to be a monk, but last year my fiancé made me a bomb-ass wizard costume.

I have been on The Listserve for 5 years. A request: please stop saying, “I can’t believe I won, I’m so busy right now, I don’t know what to say, etc.” to prelude your post! We know!

Your pal,

PS: Love ya, Nabil!

Michael Durante
Hudson Valley, NY, USA
[email protected]

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