My favorite joke!

June 27 2017

9/11 is my favorite joke of all time.

Like twenty five years ago a rich Saudi started attacking things and people and symbols across the world. Brazen attacks. Huge growth. Bombed the financial power center of the world. Bombed an American Navy vessel. Then, just as Jay-Z's most anticipated album to date was set to release, launched the most well coordinated and efficient event we've seen to date.

The fallout was powerful in both measurable and non-measurable ways. As a direct jab against capitalism and anglo-military power it caused like a brazilian dollars in damages. As a shot at the psyche of the American people...well, it definitely worked there.

The response from leadership was, though not surprising, extremely disappointing. The enemy did not change in capability based on this attack. Spotted a glaring weakness in passenger air travel (lock the darn doors!), sure, but did not show new power. Instead of taking a look at the guys who's job it was (NTSB, private transportation, various intelligence agencies) to try to get ahead of this stuff we turned on our own brothers and sisters. Regardless of what W. said we launched a war on Islam. I think the combination of fear, responsibility-dodging big-organization culture, and for-profit defense led us into a terrible set of decisions.

I don't need to get into the numbers. I don't need to get into the specifics. History has already recognized that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were mistakes. The vacuum we created is the true fallout of 9/11. An organization that holds more capability than some states murders not just innocent people but their spirits. Boko Haram effectively translates to "fight all western power by all means" and is taking over much of the African continent. Small actors thirst for blood and play the mass-media machine at a high level.

So why is this important now? Well, it will always be important. But I think it's very very important now. A coalition led by rich Saudis is challenging the sovereignty of a free state in the region directly and aggressively. Be mindful, and try to help if you can. Do not worry about the orange haired clown. Do challenge yourself to learn more every day. Do challenge evil with non-violence. Do show courage and resolve.


Del Ray, Alexandria City, Virginia, USA, Earth

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