Beautiful Bruises

May 23 2017

I just celebrated failing my second sailing class by buying a 23 foot sail boat.

Learning from a book just didn't make any sense. It was like learning how to make out from a pamphlet. You just have to get out there and swap fluids. Anyway, back to my great poor decision.

So far, I've run my boat aground, scuffed other boats, bumped a dock, been narrowly buzzed by a boat plane, hit a draw bridge and collided with a house boat. House boats don't even move!

I'm a total liability out there. But, I'm having so much fun. My boat has some sexy scars. My friends have exciting and traumatic stories. Uh oh :)

For me, for the better or the worse, it's how I've loved doing things in this wiggly life.

If you want do something, just go fantastically fumble through it.

If you want to be filmmaker, pick up a camera an make a camera. Then, guess what. You are a filmmaker. Done and done.

Want to be dancer, take a dance class. Then, boom, you are a dancer.

You want to be painter. Paint...then you are painter.

Sure you aren't a gold medal Olympic filmmaker or an Emmy-award winning break dancer yet. But, you getting sweaty doing that thing...the thing you want. Woooot!

I keep making beautiful messes and it's been so fun.

I mean, no one at the end of their life says, "Gee, I wish I had more time to change the toner in the photocopier..." Snore!

Sailing? Me? I've gotten a little better. Last month, I successfully sailed 3 hours away to an abandoned island. Okay, yes, I used google pedestrian maps to navigate there while sailing. But, who cares? It worked.

Okay, I'm late for my silk-screening class and burped this out quickly. I may or may have not typed this out while biking. Sorry, future broken collar bones.

Go get sloppy and fantastically fumble through something. Otherwise, viva bed sores! :)


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