What is the last thing you did for the first time?

May 24 2017

Lucky me ! It's the second time I win. Two years ago, i asked a question : what is the last thing you did for the first time? So, now I will answer at this question.

The last week, I biked from Paris to Amsterdam with a wooden bike for 4 days. It was a wonderful experience. I met a guy in Athens one month ago and I joined him for this adventure ! A dozen people of different nationalities (greek, french, belgian, dutch, south african) and common objectives : enjoy the trip, enjoy the nature, enjoy together, share the trip and take up the challenge !
If you would like to know more about wooden bikes, contact me.

AND YOU : what is the last thing you did for the first time ? If you have to think a long time to find it, it's not good ! So, you have to do a new thing soon to be the actor of your life (and not only a viewer)

In June, I'm going to leave my job. I'm going to travel in Europe (first), probably with my bike and my hammock. During my trips, I always ask for challenges to people : to do something special, something new... and I send a picture of the challenge. Examples of previous challenges : to do the headstand at Death Valley, to go on the top of the Samothraki's island (Greece), to go under a waterfall...
If you would like, give me a challenge and I'll do everything to do it and send you a picture. In return, I'll give you a challenge too. And that day, maybe it will be the first thing you'll be doing for the first time...

Smile, smile, smile and have a good day !

Coralie D.
[email protected]

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