The Secret Life of a Distillery Owner

May 22 2017

As a thank you to all the people who don't close their curtains at night and let me have glimpses of their worlds, I'd like to give you a vulnerable and honest list of a day in my life.

Couple points of context: I own a distillery here in Vermont (Stonecutter Spirits) so the amount of booze-related material below has a healthy place. I'm 34, an only child, my divorced dad died suddenly a few months ago, and this is my day off from work.

9:03 am
Write thank yous to people who attended my father's funeral (I'm way over my grace period on this but haven't brought myself to do it yet)

10:00 am
Clean the litter box (#catladyproblems) and the kitchen (way overdue as well)

10:18 am
Get really excited seeing photos from a recent cocktail photoshoot; immediately send link to my favorite person who confirms they are awesome

10:19 am
Think about doing laundry. Just think.

10:43 am
Find a copy of the death certificate, cry uncontrollably for 45 seconds

10:45 am
Try to not think about the upcoming work week. Fail and check work email.


11:15 am
Watch an episode of Blindspot while eating an herb omelet; pretend I'll turn it off when I'm done eating but instead finish the whole episode

12:59 pm
Bring a bottle of my gin to my massage therapist to say thank you for the good care she takes of me

1:45 pm

3:25 pm
Take death certificate to AT&T store to stop service on my dad's phone

4:38 pm
Cry in my Subaru outside the AT&T store

7:28 pm
Move an antique bar from the distillery to a vacant storefront in Bristol in preparation for a Secret Bar speakeasy this Thursday and Friday. The post-rain sunset is one of the most gorgeous I've seen all year--dusty plum and apricot clouds.

Take my favorite person out for dinner in exchange for helping me move the damn bar

9:47 pm
Get so lost in our conversation that when we look up we realize we are the last people at the restaurant (it is a Monday after all)

10:18 pm
Crack open Fiddlehead beers and continue chatting on favorite person's porch

Tomorrow holds too much: a long session at the whiteboard to figure out how to schedule seven people to cover ten events, emails to potential investors as we start raising $1M to put in new stills and equipment, and a drive to Burlington to for two separate work meetings concerning a weekly summer tiki bar and the final interior design for a wine bar consulting job.

Regardless, today was a good day. Thank you all for letting me throw open my curtains.

All my love,
Sas Stewart

Sas Stewart
Vergennes, Vermont
[email protected]

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