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May 19 2017

Hey everyone!

I’ve had a busy couple days. I was actually worried that the deadline for submitting this had passed, but I guess not. Just last week I told someone I live in fear of winning the listserve, so it might have been a relief if I had missed the deadline. Having said that, it’s a good thing I’ve got this opportunity to reach out to all of you, because I need advice.

I’m writing you from a Peter Pan bus, on my way to New York. I’m about to catch a flight to Spain, departing on a trip that I only started packing for last night. The last few weeks have been a hectic rush. Two days after I arrive back in the states my first album comes out, so rather than packing or planning, I’ve been rendering music videos, emailing music blogs, and booking shows. I feel unbelievably proud of this album. It contains the best songs I’ve ever written, recorded better than I’ve ever recorded anything else. I want as many people to hear it as possible, and I’m worried don’t know how to make that happen.

Write to me! Lets be friends! Email me at [email protected]!

-Do you have suggestions of things to do in Madrid, Barcelona or Paris? Places to stop between Barcelona and Paris?
-Do you book shows on the east coast? The Midwest? Michigan? Hit me up let’s set something up!
-Do you know how to promote an album? Do you write for a music blog? Let’s talk.
-Want to discuss the new Mountain Goats album? I’m listening to it right now. What are your thoughts?

If you want to hear the first single from the album, look up “Honeyfitz Dream Restless” on youtube. That should bring it up.

Thanks to the listserve for giving me the chance to ask these questions to so many people! I’m not sure this could have come at a better time.

p.s. If you need music to listen to here’s what I’ve been listening to recently:

-Field Medic
-Miniature Philosopher
-Gabe Gill
-Andy Shauf
-Worst Party Ever

Elihu Jones / Honeyfitz
Western Massachusetts
[email protected]

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