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May 18 2017

Do you want to learn more about semiotics, sociology, psychology, computer science, futurism, introspection, internet art? Go look up:

The Last Psychiatrist
Meaningness systems crisis breakdown
Idlewords superintelligence
gnovis habermas public sphere
Florian cramer alt right
Reallifemag illicit material
Cognitivemedium thought as technology
Chip morningstar how to deconstruct almost anything
Students for a democratic society wiki
Borgeby gard, Fladie, Sweden
Fox Harrell
Michel De Certeau
Marc Auge

Do you already know about these things, and others? I would love to hear from you at my contact email address. I can put you in touch with some other interesting people if you don’t think I’m interesting enough. I will try hard to deceive you into thinking that I am.

Also, I'm moving to Helsinki for the summer, please contact me if you know a good third place I can visit or person I can drink with. In case you can't see the contact email I submitted it's [email protected]

Sport Death,


Peter Downs
Senior Haus
[email protected]

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