You Matter

May 17 2017

You matter. What you do matters.

I've been a subscriber for years, since I was thirteen, and like every subscriber I've wondered what I would say when I had the chance. Now my chance has come, and I flat out balked. I'm actually pretty terrified because what if I do it wrong? But, as the cliche goes, it's better to do anything than nothing at all.
So here it goes.
I want to tell you all that you matter. Everything you do, no matter how small, matters. No pressure. It's true! This may come across as a little cheesy, but bear with me. Earlier today my mom and I were having a heart to heart about our life, and she told me that the reason we are where we are today is because nine years ago when I was nine years old, I came back from a horse riding lesson (background~ my mom was a competitive dressage rider and teacher, and I have been riding and competing since I was two) and said to her that I didn't want to ride that way anymore. I wanted to find a different way. Years later, my mom now has her own leadership through natural horsemanship company. And I forgot I said that. It didn't mean anything to me at the time, it just drifted out there, but to her it changed everything. This is just what made me think about this. It made me remember when I got a hug that I really needed and I didn't have to ask, or when the stranger next to me on an airplane put subtitles on her movie so I could watch too, or a dear friend saying "someone is going to be so lucky to fall in love with you one day". Never underestimate these moments in life. Never underestimate what you can affect when you're not even trying.

Never discount what someone says because of their age or their place in life.
Take time to look at the stars.
Pay attention to the little moments.
Never stop yourself from dancing.
Tell yourself "Fuck it" and go for it. Don't let fear get in your way. (As long as it doesn't hurt anyone)
Be kind. As much and as often as you can. This also goes for animals.
Never discount someone's dream or tell them something they love is stupid.
Do that thing you always told yourself you could never do. (Again, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone)
Talk to more people, ask them questions.
If American, tip your waiters!
Find your home.

Question: What colour are hugs to you? Why?

If you ever want to reach out, I'm here! No spam please, but any questions, comments, or garbanzo beans, let me know! Even if you just need an ear.
([email protected])

MacKenzie Shapiro
Santa Fe
[email protected]

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