Let's build a wall

February 10 2017

Let's build a wall
for all we need is bricks
to limit a dream
and climb over each other.

Let's build a wall
to keep them out
and let go.

Nobody is looking.

Let's build a wall
to dam a river
win an election
kill a generation
and bury a billion ideas.

Let's build a wall.

or let's meet hundred kids,
give them hundred books

and break a wall.
We walk up to all kinds of places in India, collect hundred kids and help them build a hypercool library of their own using just a wall and their free spirit - so we call this a Wall O Books - equip it with a startup stash of hundred books (and a world map, and a few more things :) and elect a little librarian to take care of it.

And then we take one child and connect her to another child in another part of the world using just a postcard, magically.

We have built 159 Wall O Books centers so far for 45000 children.
Help us build one more and break another wall.

Write to me to find out how you can.

[email protected]

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