A friendly photographic reminder

February 11 2017

Print your photos.

Do it. Find some of your favorite photos on your computer, phone, or camera. Get access to a photo printer or place that will print your photos for you.

Print your photos.

After they're printed, give them to someone. Get them framed and hang them in your home. Make some prints and write some notes or a story on the back of each of them. Leave prints somewhere on public transit so some random person can pick it up. Make a photobook to give as a gift to someone you care about.

Print your photos.

Get them off of the hard drive and into the wild.

But do I practice what I preach?

I've been enjoying photography as a serious hobby for the past five years. Despite this, I've only printed my photos twice. Last time, I printed 20 square prints and made two small photobooks. I gave one of those photobooks to my father, and he was pleased as punch. I plan on giving the rest of the prints to my mom so she can frame them.

Eventually, I'll make some photobooks to pass out to various musicians I've taken photos of over the years. Quite an investment, but I think the gesture is worth it.

Maybe I can make some photo zines, to sell, too... (But now I'm getting ahead of myself.)

I love the ability to stockpile thousands of photos on my hard drive and revisit them any time I feel like it, no matter where I am. However, nothing quite beats seeing and feeling your photos in the form of a print.

So yeah. Print your photos.

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Shara Miller
Chicago, IL
[email protected]

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