The Beauty of You

February 09 2017

When I read that I had won the listserve, I began to think about my life thus far. “How will you choose to use your voice to communicate with 20k+ people?” What, really, can any of us provide to the world but ourselves? Our labor, our empathy, our voice, our compassion, our action, our ears. All you have to give is you.

I grew up always striving to be a better version of myself; if I improved from the day before, then tomorrow I would strive to improve from my current self. I love myself and I am good enough for myself; I’m a wonderful daughter, friend, employee, partner, and pet parent, although I could be a better sister and aunt. Yet as I’ve crept into adulthood (I’m 31) and life has inevitably “gotten in the way”, I’ve resorted to only the occasional recognition of where I am in my self-improvement journey. My greatest personal struggle has been spreading myself too thin as that doesn’t allow me to share the best version of myself with the world, which is a shame to do no matter who you are. So I am choosing to not continue living life this way moving forward. The universe has been communicating that my time is now, and the listserve feels like the most amazing of these communications.

I dream of many paths which would seemingly take many lifetimes, but one of these paths I feel the strongest about is working with whales somehow. If anyone has experience, advice, or education on this, I would appreciate any information you have to share, particularly the highs, lows, and reality of your day-to-day life on said path. I live in Florida but am open to moving should it assist with this goal.

I’d like to say a special hello to all the knitters and crafters out there! If you’ve never knit, think about giving it a shot – it’s easier than you may think, wayyy more fun and addicting than you may think, produces effects in the brain similar to meditation, results in useful items (caps for cancer victims, sweaters for animals affected by oil spills), and is just awesome all around.

For those who enjoy or appreciate photography, art, craftsmanship, and/or snail mail (prints, postcards, notecards) – or if you love nature and want to see some cool stuff – please visit/follow my Instagram page It’s currently blank as I have been holding off posting until I officially launch my Etsy business (PaintingintheDark).

To glimpse some of my work you can visit my personal Instagram at @hughes_hues and see postcards and photography intermingled with sunsets and everyday life. My Etsy shop should launch within the next month and I would love for you all to visit and receive (and spread!) joy from the images you see. Being a traveling photographer who inspires and positively impacts the world is another top dream path, btw.

Ultimately that’s what feels like the best version of myself, and what I have to offer the world: assisting people and animals to feel safe, joyous, strong, and accepting. In other words: helping others truly love and accept themselves. Can you imagine the beauty that would flow back into the world? If all you have to give is true, deep love and acceptance, there’s little room for complaint, hate, or intolerance.

Would love to hear your thoughts on your life’s purpose, if you’d like to be notified when my shop opens, and any whale experience, photography talk, knitting fun.

Be good & I wish you all a fulfilling life.

Postcrossing ID: CHughes
[email protected]

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