Chicken Soup for the Body

September 26 2016

Fall is finally upon us, so I thought you all might enjoy a cozy crock-pot recipe. It's healthy, delicious, and ridiculously easy:

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Three to four chicken breasts, frozen (chicken will overcook if it's not frozen when you start)
Two 28oz cans diced fire-roasted tomatoes
One to two 14.5oz cans black beans, drained
One 14.5oz can whole kernel corn, drained (1 small bag frozen corn also works)
One to two small cans diced jalapenos
One small jar salsa of your choice (I like tomatillo)

Spray bottom of crock-pot with cooking spray to prevent sticking. Place frozen chicken breasts in bottom of crock-pot. Dump remaining ingredients on top (make sure chicken is fully covered). Cook on low 8 hours. Remove chicken breasts, shred with fork, and mix shredded chicken back into soup. Serve and top with shredded cheese and crumbled tortilla chips, plus anything else that sounds good (sour cream, salsa, hot sauce, diced avocados if you feel up to dicing something, etc.). Enjoy!

Also, shameless plug:

I'm running the Boston Half Marathon in a few weeks to raise money for Shattuck Partners, a non-profit dedicated to making medical and mental health treatment accessible to underserved adults in Boston. As someone who works in social services, I've seen what a difference access to care can make for families in my community. If you have some extra cash lying around, please consider making a donation to this amazing organization! The Listserve doesn't believe in links, but you can find my fundraising page by searching Shattuck Partners on crowdrise and then clicking on my name. :)

P.S. Please feel free to email me back with your favorite fall recipe, info about a charitable organization close to your heart, or a piece of life advice. I'd love to hear from you!

Kelsey Yonce
[email protected]
Cambridge, MA

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