Vet Med and a Broken Head

September 27 2016

It's kind of crazy that I win the listserve just a few days before my 18th birthday. I'm on the cusp of adulthood and definitely feeling some paranoia and anxiousness. My life is currently consumed by school, swimming, and stressing about college.

I want to be a veterinarian and always have ever since I knew what a vet was. I'm passionate about science and animals and none of the gross stuff bothers me even a little. I'm working my butt off right now in the hopes that I'll be able to go to a good university that I really enjoy and then end up working even harder in the hopes that I'll be accepted into a veterinary college. (If anyone out there is a vet, vet med student, or animal science major and has any advice about this career path feel free to email me! I'd love to chat).

It's been rough for me these past few years. When I was 15 I suffered a traumatic brain injury. I was unconscious for almost an hour, had minor bleeding in my brain, and lost about two thirds of my memory. It made school feel almost impossible and it has taken years to recover from. It has altered my personality immensely and changed a lot of my relationships with people. I am actually grateful for it in the sense that it gave me the chance to recreate the kind of person I wanted to be and I had to start almost all of my friendships from scratch. It made school tough and it's made getting on the right path for the career of my dreams even tougher but I have almost fully recovered at this point.

I love music. Porter Robinson, the postal service, twenty one pilots, Dillion Francis, Coldplay, Alesso, classical, alternative, electronic.

If you have any advice for someone about to begin their adult life please send it my way, it would be much appreciated.

Peace and Love

Lydia B.
[email protected]

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