Habitual Humility, Honesty and Happiness

September 25 2016

Wow! I did not expect to win this lottery so soon - I joined Listserve only about 6 months ago! Writing something meaningful that resonates with thousands is a bit daunting, but equally exciting. So here we go.

A little bit about me: I am in a happy state right now; had a painful but relieving break-up; got promoted at work and overall life's good. Realized that we just need to own up to our own mistakes in order to be happy. Forcing myself to smile each morning, singing out songs loudly in my car on the way to work, talking to everyone with a smile and being grateful to whatever higher power there is every now and then helps me move along life pretty neatly. (Touchwood!)
Here's a small poem I wrote about living life the way it comes, about going the way the road takes us and about being humble instead of stubborn in the face of change. Hope y'all like it!

Tell me Dear Cloud,
Where did you learn to fly;
To fearlessly soar in peace,
And to effortlessly breathe the sky

Tell me how, you stay above
The doldrums of this landscape;
And teach me your dignity,
When Gusts leave you no escape

That imperious, innocent Wind with her antics,
And her mad, mischievous, mutable smirk;
Cloud, you wear it all with a smile
And with grace, forgive her every quirk

Timid is her arrogance,
Her naiveté neighbors neglect;
Invisibly she wields her way through you,
And yet seldom you object

Fierce is your humility,
Your maturity margins magic;
You give her cowardice a beautiful face
Making her ungratefulness much more tragic

I’m sure you see futility
In coaching us Humans humility,
For we cannot differ between Pride and ego;
Mistaking modesty for meekness wherever we go

But educate me still, How you like a parent
Are the Sky we look up to in delight;
And then how you comfort with a cushiony bed
When this child looks down from his shaky flight

You dance to the Wind, as to Life we dance,
You see her in the eye, but we never even glance,
You flow with her, and we defy in vain,
We fight change, you never complain

I now see you’ve already taught us all,
Yet impervious we are now to old wisdom,
Oblivious to our fall;
The most resolute of men,
Once had a saying,
About listening to the pen
Even when the sword is praying;

So remind me again Cloud,
Where did you learn to fly;
To fearlessly soar in peace,
And to effortlessly breathe the sky.

Prasanna Vighne
[email protected]
Denver, Colorado, USA

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