It Can't Happen Here: Errata

December 22 2015

page 1. “I’m not lost.” should be “I know where I am.”page 7. First sentence is “We deported all our maids.”

page 9. After the word “dream” insert “The poor wait.”

page 11. “All beauty is a judgement, joy doesn’t.” Delete

page 12. add "Original means not in Google."

page 14. Remove: “Fear forwards, happiness backwards.”

page 15. “Togas once fashionable’ should be last sentence

page 16. Insert: “Lt. Edward Williams drowned with Shelley.”

page 19. After sentence “Just let it go” add “Regret isn’t a choice. “

page 19. add caption: “Any camera is too small. “

page 19. add caption: “No corpse is moral... every man hath his sword upon his thigh because of fear in the night..”

page 21. note “sacred” not “scared” in sentence ”Pomerium: sacred boundary of Rome. “

page 21. after “Lise says, glancing” add “ Is dead, is alive. “

page 21. Delete “Choice divides.”

page 23. Replace “ I’m giving you my extra key “ with “Arousing a blind man’s finger. “

page 23. “The enemy pays the rent.” is first sentence.

page 24. add “Aren’t we always full of ourselves?” after the sentence: “ It rained that day.”

page 24. caption: Napoleon crosses Alps on a mule.

page 25.”Ruined but not knowing it.” paragraph two.

page 26. Delete “impossible” in sentence“Reunited possible with distance not time. “

page 26. The paragraph should end with “She may be stupid but her lawyers won’t be.”

page 26. Anne “admits” that “gentility itself a facade.” insert after “ Frei aber einsam, though I hate music”

page 29. footnote: “9 USA pennies = 1 English ounce.”

page 29. Replace “shameful” with “shameless.”

page 30. “Precision is for the healthy.” Delete.

page 30. The conclusion reached after second sentence is “Iceland: puffins or rabbits.”

page 32. “A hundred years later. Artists find what is missing.” Replace with “Bottles empty, women full.”

page 32. “Jocularity conceals aggression.” Discard translation.

page 33. “Kill the men, fuck the women, he said, adding 2,000 years of foreign policy.” Remove “he said, adding.”

page 43. caption “Not finished is not failing yet.”

page 43. delete “ love (was it mentioned once?) ends up being a temperature.”

page 34. Replace ‘Hilarity” with “Vanity “ so sentence reads “vanity implies a moral dimension to memory.”

page 37. caption: “Were no. 1.”

page 37. footnote 5: “Gettysburg: 7,000 men 3,000 horses and mules, 6,000,000 lbs of meat.”

p.39 After the sentence ending with “...anything we can do.” Please add : “Horror displaces meaning.”

p 40. Text on book handled in paragraph three does not read “ By Lucius Cornelius” it reads “709 North American bird species.”

p.41 The businessman did not say “The busy talk to the busy.” Remove. He said “ Shut the fuck up.”

p 42 “Arabian Oryx extinct 1972, reintroduced from Arizona, 1982.”

p.42. Replace “nine” with “8 crusades, 250 years.”

p.43. replace “abyss” with “edge” so “For some the abyss is an envelope.”

p.44 Insert “Dreams shorter, nights longer.”

p.46. replace “All” with “Most meteors the size of a raisin.”

p.47 Liza says” Skin..” at end of paragraph.

p.47 “Nightsticks made of rosewood.”

p.48 Replace “Your” in “It’s with your heart that’s soaking wet.” with ‘her”

P.48 Add after last sentence: “If you are leaving, why not tomorrow?”

p.48 caption: Ideology is disposed towards any evidence of its relevance.

p.52 First paragraph begins with “Show ‘Triumph of the Will’ by all means but show it backwards.”

p.52 After description of dinner, what was whispered is “Loved animals, worked in a zoo.”

p.54 Delete“ Verderbt, verdammt, verralten.” replace with "cardboard swords hanging overhead."

p.55 Replace ‘Bible” with “Gutenberg book, 641 pages, 300 sheep.”

p.56 add “The past is like the present only there is less of it.”

p.58 Add after "guffawed." "The aim of art is self-referential annihilation.”

Nils Nihil
[email protected]
Washington, D.C.

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