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December 23 2015

I once watched the netflix show “Orange is the new black” and thought
about its original theme song. Who sing this song? I googled it and
found that it was Regina Spektor. I learned that she was born in
Russia – in my country! And now she performs original theme song in
Netflix's most watched series. I launched itunes and found all of her
albums. Her songs from these albums was very different from "You've
Got Time” (the show theme), but it was even better for me. Her songs
have beautiful melody and harmony. My favorite album is “What We Saw
From The Cheap Seats”, I can listen it again and again. And (for my
Russian readers) this album contains two covers to Russian singer
Bulat Okudzhava. These covers are beautifully performed in Russian

That’s the way how you can discover something brilliant just start
googling tv series theme song.

At the end I have to thanks to Bobuk from the Yandex team who shared
to me and the Russian community “The Listserve” some years ago (I hope
he is still reading The Listserve emails).

[email protected]

PS I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (fun fact: in
Russia we are celebrate New Year’s eve first and then we are
celebrate Christmas on January 7, and then we are celebrate the Old
New Year because of… ah just google why:)

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