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July 27 2015

Hi all,

no advice mail today, just another story-about-my-life by a 25 year old - please be indulgent :)

One thing I discovered lately was meeting different people. Growing up in a small city, I used to stay with the same friends for years. Because of my studies, I went to increasingly large cities, but still met people in the same fields or having the same interest. Friendship was an important part of my comfort zone. I felt more and more trapped in my world, seeing people with the same background, the same interests, the same view, the same goal in life.
One day, I finally decided to stop. I went on holiday, broke up with my boyfriend, moved to another place and started a new job. I had the opportunity to work in an environment with people from different cultures, having done diverse things in their life and seeing the world differently. I also started volunteering for several associations, discovering a new life in a city I thought I knew well. I've since then met various people, some deeply engaged in changing the world however they can, others with a unique point of view on topics I never really thought about in depth. I discovered new lifestyles, out of my comfort zone, which made me reconsider the choices I've made so far. They helped me to reflect on the life I want to live and the values I want to defend. They taught me to respect people and their opinions, and how to communicate better. I owe them  so much I don't have the words to thank them enough for what they gave me.
Now, one of the consequences of all these meetings is my future move to Australia next year. I'm still struggling to choose where I'll live or what I'll do - any hints for what I should absolutely see or do while there? I also hope to find people involved in fighting food waste or improve the world in their way!

To finish, a little bit of musical chauvinism, a list of some of my favorite French bands or singers, more or less well-known:
Woodkid, Jil Is Lucky, Cats on Trees, Christine and the Queens, Skip the Use, Mickey 3D, Indochine, Barbara Carlotti, Boulevard des Airs,  Elephanz ...
Please send me your musical suggestions, I'd love to hear other kinds of music, or typical songs!

PS: a special Hi! to all the Discosoup friends and people from the Greeters Network all around the world! Both associations are doing amazing stuff to respectively fight against food waste in a funky atmosphere and create links between locals and tourists. Check them out if you're interested!

[email protected]
Bordeaux, France

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