Three for you, three for me

July 28 2015

Hey everyone,

To keep this very simple, I figured I'd ask for three things and offer up three things.

I'm a 22-year-old startup founder based in South Florida, currently on a leave of absence from the University of Pennsylvania working on building the company full-time.

The company is called Klink — we have an app and website that let customers order beer, wine, and spirits for delivery on-demand in under an hour.  We're creating the best way to buy alcohol. 

What I'm Offering:

1) Being an entrepreneur is sometimes very, very hard — way more difficult than anyone tells you. The wins are, of course, equally as exhilarating, but the lows are hard to bear. If I can help at all, even just as a sounding board, email me.

2) If you're visiting South Florida (particularly Miami) and need awesome recommendations, email me.

3) If there's something small I can do that will take 3 minutes or less of my time that would help you reach success, email me.

What I'm Asking:

1) I'm crazy about travel, and I want to know more about all the small, off-the-beaten path, beautiful places the world has to offer (and the big, popular ones too). If you live somewhere beautiful, interesting, or captivating, email me a super short blurb telling me why I should travel there.

2)  If you know anyone in the Miami area who is an all-out hustler, business-minded, and could run local marketing for our company, we want to give them a shot; email me.

3) If you know anyone doing interesting work in the alcoholic beverages space, I promise I can find a way to make their day/week/month/quarter much better; email me.

Thanks so much! I'll leave you with a quote from Marcus Aurelius: "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."

Move with speed,
[email protected]
South Florida

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