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July 26 2015

I live in Russia.

I thought of many things that both describe me and could be interesting to some of you and I came up with this.

I am Russian, I live in Russia and I traveled a lot.
I’ve been to Europe, Asia and some other places. I’ve never been to US or Australia so far, but I’m only 30. I could eventually land there, too. At least I prefer to think this way.

I am bookworm and writer.
When I get to another country, I need to dive into local life to understand how people live. I google blogs and search local books in English, I speak and sometimes ask too many questions. It was easy in India where people blog, think and speak in English (also I miss masala dosas so let’s cut it out). It’s not so easy to get honest and understandable reply in English in my country. Let’s break the ice!

For the last three years I’ve picked and written non-stereotypical stories and facts about Russia.
You can google «tipsfromonerussianbear».
I think I’ve run out of ideas today.

So I will answer every curious question about Russia or Russians and post on the blog.
Except heavy political or religious issues for these are really not my areas.

Maybe you’d like to know if Russians really eat caviar?
Are there still many Lenin statues in our cities?
Why is unused iron always being kept on the windowsill?
Do babushkas use e-book readers?
What Russian music could be nice and moving?
Have I seen a single person eating peanut butter sandwich?
I’ve answered these already on the blog.

If you always had specific question in mind but had no Russian friend to address it, go ahead. I’ll try my best.

And if you'd rather watch my instagram feed instead, search for @forgetenot.

Hugs to @shamakai and Erika! You are amazing.
Also I have to say there’ve been some Listserve winners who answered my reply. It was heart-warming.

Thanks for reading, y'all!

[email protected]
St. Petersburg, Russia

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