a Taylor Swift haiku

July 25 2015

hi, i'm laura. i
live in dc but love my
indiana home.

for my job i do
political email. but
this one is different.

i mean my god i
won the listserve. this is so
exciting! ... this is

so terrifying.
what to write to you all? one
day maybe you'll know

this unique rush of
emotions. me, i was just
at home, cuddling

with my cat Bartlett.
the usual. when i found
out. can you guess who

he is named after?
(i took creative license
with the spelling, so

no googling, k?)
recently, my favorite
movies: austin to

boston, and about
time. currently reading: the
life-changing magic

of tidying up.
though i have yet to start down
this minimalist

decluttering path
i'm excited, already
to recommend it.

what books and movies
should i check out next? also,
what's making you the

most happy, lately?
for me, caprese salad
with tomatoes fresh

from the farm market.
and a cold beer out on the
patio, or a

glass of rosé on
city rooftops with girl friends .
and i can't forget

seeing​ taylor swift
live in concert, her first night
in DC, and it

was just magical
beyond your wildest dreams. the
rest of the world was

black and white, but​ we​
were in screaming color.​ she​
sang​ and​ danced​ all night​

of us joined her, joyfully
​screaming together.​

​and she gave​ ​​us some
truly ​inspirational
life​-changing ​advice.

​will you please ​be kind
to yourself today​? or at​
least a​ ​​little​ ​bit

​kinder​​ ​than ​you were
​yesterday​. also, friends and
​cats​ over boys. duh.​

​so will you tell me​
​what is inspiring you?
or making you the

most happy, lately?
hashtag #LCListserve with
whatever it is

i can't wait to see!
especially babies or
cats. i just love those.

also, bonus for
including your own haiku!
you could also just

reply and send them
to me directly. big fan.
(in case you missed it).

thank you so much for
reading. you can follow me
on twitter / insta

if you're into gifs,
feminism, and cat pics.


Laura C.
[email protected]
Twitter/ IG: @laura_carolyn
Washington, DC

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