Oh god, not the Listserve

November 01 2014

No, not the Listserve, not now, I’m not ready! Ok, maybe I have had almost 3 years to prepare for this but still, what the hell do I write?!
I can't write amazing emails like the other people, my gramm,,a;*r and my $ρ€ℓℓɨɲǥ is horrifying. I'm a pretty uninteresting 22 year old white brit!

Sometimes when I would get the Listserve I would think to myself what I would write if I was chosen and the answer to this question has been changing. If I was chosen back when I signed up I would have written about how horrible it was being unemployed, how my entry into the adult world was rather miserable, how horrible it felt to be constantly rejected by company’s and struggling to see where you might be in a few years.
A few months later if I was chosen I would have written about finally getting a job, albeit a temporary one, how things were finally looking up somewhat.
Fast forward a year and I would have probably written something pretty similar about yet again having a temporary job with an end date rapidly approaching and knowing unemployment was about the return again.

They would have been pretty depressing and miserable Listserves to say the least, you guys are lucky.

A few months later I would have written a pretty positive email about how I was finally going to wake up and get moving. Literally. How I was determined to get a job and also to lose weight.
8 months later I would have written a pretty classic Listserve email that’s super positive and happy, talking about the fact that finally being In a permanent job was such a relief and also how I had managed to go from obese to "healthy weight" in less than a year by losing 150 pounds.
Now almost 12 months later I’m writing this. Time is pretty funny, a lot can change in a really short amount of time, or very little can. I'm still in that job, it's not great but it's a job and I'm happy. Work is crap, but people are good (I promise I’m not a caveman). Things could be better, but things could be worse and you need to fight for happiness sometimes. Life is unpredictable, which is very much a blessing and a curse. Wait a second, am I writing a Listserve about time?! What is this? Doctor Who? Life is a blessing and a curse?! What? You're not writing a screenplay here.
But back to the main issue,what on earth am I meant to write in my Listserve? Wait a second, I got this. How about writing my Listserve about not knowing what to write in my Listserve?

How beautifully meta.

Feel free to say hi.

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Wakefield, England

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