The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, GA, USA

November 02 2014

I live and work at a special place on Earth called The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The Goat Farm is an experimental hybrid business model inspired by economic/innovation theories of population density and diversity of disciplines. This place is a magical nugget in the middle of a blooming metropolitan city.

We are a for profit arts center with a model designed to attract a dense collection of forward-thinking ventures. We recognize that consistent vanguard arts programming creates a progressive “Center of Gravity” brand for many of Atlanta's thought leaders and their ventures. We have a myriad of tenants -- ranging from a nanotechnology lab, blacksmith shop, cloud/mobile application architecture developers, fashion designers, industrial product designers, engineers, game theorists, architects, non-profits, and much more. We also produce nearly 150 programs annually in classical & contemporary music, traditional and experimental theater, film screenings, literary programs, contemporary dance, contemporary performance, art exhibitions, workshops, seminars & panel discussions.

We believe that pattern-breaking leads to new thinking and new thinking leads to unorthodox problem solving. Interacting with other creatives outside of your discipline can catalyze pattern-breaking and get you looking in new directions.

We have current goals to create density and revitalize the underused parts of downtown without causing harmful displacement and gentrification. We aspire for idea capital to stay in Atlanta.

And we're not the only ones championing this city! Atlanta is an intricate fabric threaded with a colorful culture full of top universities, civic innovation, creative start-ups, and fried food. Google Andre 3000's recent interview on NPR's Fresh Air about Outkast's roots and how you can get away with things in Atlanta/the South that you couldn't elsewhere.

Come visit Atlanta sometime! "Like" The Goat Farm on Facebook! Our traffic sucks!

Allie Bashuk
[email protected]
Atlanta, GA

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