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October 31 2014

Once I saw a swan crash land onto/into the road in Dublin. It was along the quays and the Liffey was very high and black, and hey, it was an easy mistake to make, man. It tumbled and stood up, seemingly unharmed, and then strutted in the middle of the road, hissing at anyone who thought there might be something funny about the situation. Swan was not happy. A man got out of his car and attempted to herd it out of the road. Swan was having none of it. And then, man just got behind swan, picked swan up and flung swan over the wall into the river. I cried with laughter. Just a regular Thursday morning in Dublin. Later that night I saw David O' Doherty do his comedy thing. He mentioned swans enough (twice) in his act that I thought this would be a Great and Amazing story to tell him as he signed a CD for my friend far away (Hi Hannah!). It was not. Rapid word vomit, still cringing.

I live in Edinburgh now. Trying to weasel my way into the book world. In fact, I have a feeling somehow that I found the listserve through Neil Gaiman, maybe he mentioned it in his blog. Thanks Neil. You'd do a better job of writing this. If you're a fan of his or even if you're not you should go see him in Tasmania this January. Hobart is great. MONA is great. MOFO is also pretty great but getting real expensive. Even if I still lived there I couldn't afford to go. Also if you live in Tassie you should check out my friend's bands -The Dead Maggies and Mouldy Porpoise, because they are great and so is she and I miss her.

the toast is the best thing on the internet and Mallory Ortberg is a goddess.

My sisters are amazing. They are much cooler and infinitely more fabulous than me. They'd definitely also call me a sap for writing that.

this stream of consciousness has been brought to you by tiredness

Charlie Byrne's in Galway is a helluva bookshop.

I put sriracha on everything. But especially eggs. It's a delicious treat, swearsies.

If you have interesting and amusing thoughts on books, swans or coping with edinburgh winters say hey. I've just finished taping my windows shut. Goodbye draughts, see you later fresh air.

Happy Halloween (I'm going as log lady)

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