I think, too much.

August 11 2014

It took me 40 of the 48 hours allocated to figure out what to write. And even at hour 40, I still haven’t chosen a specific topic.It might be due to my strong indecisiveness (probably) or the fact that when you're given infinite possibilities, you don't want to pick just one.

But this process has only proven and accentuated one of my biggest faults.

I think, too much.

There’s so much to write yet so little time. It got to the point where I considered not writing anything at all. Why waste your time and mine?

But what’s worse: Giving up without anyone knowing or trying and putting yourself out there?

Thankfully, my answer was trying.

It hasn’t always been that answer. And if you were to step into my shoes right now, there are still plenty of things in my life where I need to ask myself that exact same question. Or I’ve answered the question but have not done much towards it.

But this is another step of many to go. And I’m hoping it’s only a jumping point to keep going forward.

In the end, at least I tried.

Ps. If you have something in your life where you need to ask yourself the same question, feel free to share! Would love to hear from any of you.

KC Gayagoy
New York, NY
[email protected]

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