To be or not to be…a Phoenix bird (or something of sort…)

August 12 2014

THAT is the question, my dear fellow listservians! And greetings to all, you, beautiful people all over the world.

In the last few years I have gone through really very challenging and NOT so beautiful times, like many of you here, and reading all your emails has become a morning coffee habit, which in turn, supported the so-called “healing process”.

Currently, I am at a point in my life, where I enjoy everything that comes my way. Is this a “rise from the ashes like a Phoenix bird” moment? I have NO freaking clue, but it feels just right!

And I wish everybody had the inner resources to bounce back so epic awesomely like I did.
*motivational part ends here*

Now off we go with the funny stuff. :D
Where you all, dear friends, get back to me, with your dreams, experiences, likes and dislikes and, obviously, with the mandatory bitching stuff you feel you need to share, but you didn’t dare. Well, here I am… the finest ear you have never had… ready to listen to you.

What? What? More about me? ABSOLUTELY! :D

In one go: Books, movies, music, theatre, ballet, opera, memes, social networking, Dexter, Dr Who, Star Wars, Nightwish, Mozart, Criminal Minds, Downton Abbey, GoT (duhh!), Fringe, Zafon, Marquez, X-Files, Queen…(please somebody stop me)…Revenge, Stephen King, The Mentalist…ok, I will stop...Promise!

Wait a second…
I also write stories from time to time on my blog.
I also kept a dooms day diary on my second blog.
And I tweet. A lot.

Still not satisfied? Question then:
Name ONE book you would take away (if you go to live on Mars) with you as your most precious treasure?

Based on your answers, I will make a top ten of your preferences and post it on my Facebook page dedicated to books. Seriously! The listservians' voice needs to be heard in as many places as possible.

Awesome stuff about Romania, the country I come from:

We have one of the happiest cemeteries on Earth. The crosses are colorful (do you like blue?) and each tombstone features a witty poem depicting a person’s life and the way she or he died.
To be continued in our future conversations…Feel free to connect with me wherever you feel more comfortable (email, Twitter, etc).

Thank you for taking precious time to read my thoughts and, as I said, waiting for you…


[email protected]
Bucharest, Romania


YOU, little rebel, I like YOU!”

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