No, You Cannot Eat the Ducks

August 10 2014

For the last six years I’ve worked for an NGO resettling and serving refugees in the U.S. In that time I’ve greeted them at the airport, shown them their first apartment, enrolled their children in school, taught English, shared meals, taught employment workshops of all kinds, found them jobs, fired them from jobs, ridden public transportation at all hours, taught financial literacy, and coordinated field trips to state parks.

I’ve sat with clients while they’ve received devastating news from home, I’ve explained to clients that you cannot bathe in public pools, how to take a drug test, that you cannot kill and eat ducks at the park. I’ve helped buy cars and first homes, I’ve seen clients and coworkers become citizens and their children graduate high school and go off to college. I’ve been invited to weddings and funerals of friends and strangers.

I’ve gotten to experience a lot through my work and I will always be appreciative.

However, life moves in stages and this may all be drawing to a close. I’ve never been someone with a singular passion and focus, and although I love what I do, it’s limiting in many ways.

Never be afraid to take that next step, to pursue the bigger things you want, to be true to the person you know you are. Sometimes you will need to let go of some things you love in order to make room for more. And that’s okay.

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