A Simple Rant

January 19 2014

As a citizen of the world, I get sad from what I see everyday. The biggest fight we have right now, it is definitely ignorance. In the age of (almost) free information, that we have to battle ignorance. This is not funny, because it is a degenerative condition. It is now on almost all layers of society. On western societies it seems to be mostly omnipresent.
Self-interest and emotional intelligence, working together, and without the walking cane of knowledge to help them move forward reminds me of an old saying long forgotten:

"Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind."

People in the last 30 years have slowly changed the natural contracts that exist between us. From parent to child, between lovers , friends or business partners. Things are now heading other ways. The same problem is being solved differently to arrive to different solutions. Its ok. It works anyway. The rant isn't heading that way, diversity is cool, if it remains tolerant.

The rant is heading to the different Leviathans that are just working in their self-interest using emotions as a guide. Modern democracies are just a reflex of the base that supports them. All of the pillars that compose a modern western society are just off. This isn't a monetary crisis, economic or financial one. And it will last as long as it takes for the Leviathans to adapt to the new natural contracts between people that are being signed on every moment in western countries. Once those pillars like the executive, legislative and the judicial become barely useful, that means the door is rotten and it is ready to be kicked in. As I see it, right now, the first two are inconsequential at best. The executive branch, generally speaking, have problems in their hands beyond their intellectual capability and the legislative branch excel in making boiling pots that don't apply to real life, to the natural contracts between people. The judicial branch on western societies, it is still blipping, but its decadence is obvious albeit slow paced. I could talk more on this, but it wouldn't be a simple rant anymore.

A shift is coming, and it will come slowly. As a citizen of the world, with friends scattered around the world, I see that what comes out off the Fourth Estate or Power, it is so out of touch, that half of it is propaganda and the other half it is just plain useless. The same apply to how governments, business and people see themselves. Statistics of course. Macroeconomic magnitudes if you prefer to call them that way.

There is a low pitched humming going on, and it is everywhere. Small things that catches your eye. So many, you cannot ignore it anymore.

I don't know where things are headed, there are too many scenarios. This is indeed the Age of Uncertainty. One thing I do know. Regardless of what will happen to currencies, political borders, societies or ideologies, there is just one safe haven.

It is you. The value of self. Things like, how fast you can learn, what can you do with what you learned, how can you adapt. Things like that. If you can make the right question before giving an answer. If can find and use the correct tool, to solve the correct problem. And how much time you need to do all that.

This could go on, and on, but this medium has a logical limit. I wish Godspeed to all of you, and have fun. Thanks for reading to a simple rant.

Manuel Loureiro
[email protected]
A Coruña, Spain

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