Blame it on the Goat!

January 18 2014

It was a dark and stormy night, and Francis returned from the bar, fuming. Dust still stuck in her nose from the ride home, those damn animals never learned how to hide in the barn when the thunder cracked. Every time one let out a terrified squeal, Francis felt her temple throb harder and harder. She just wanted them to shut up. Or get back in the barn, but that would be too simple.

Around ten o' clock, as she turned her heels to head back inside, a light pitter-patter behind her caught her attention. But the steps were too light to belong to any of the cows.

She didn't see what happened next. Lightning cracked, blinding her view. Then the next thing she saw blew her mind... it's your turn to continue the story. Take a little time to be creative. I'll send out a favorite or two to everyone who responds.

Happy New Year!

Chris Berry
[email protected]
San Francisco, CA

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