I'm a citizen of the world.

January 20 2014

Even though I'm only 18 years old I have a lot of life experience and it's this: travel. What did Albert Einstein, Shakespeare, and Jesus have in common? They traveled. They were citizens of the world.

I'm a citizen of the world. I went to film camp. I've read Sartre. I've read thomas pincheon. I've read Ayn Rand. I've been to Italy. I've been to France. I speak French. I've been to Spain. I've been to Kenya. I've backpacked across europe. I've been to China. I prefer tea to coffee. I've been to Greece. I love Greek food. I'm a foodie. I'm always on the lookout for a great little place to get breakfast. Sometimes I go to Barnes and Noble and lose track of the time. The black people I've met, say I have a lot of flavor. I love my macbook. I also love my macbook pro. I drive an ancient volvo that barely starts.

And yeah, I paint, no big deal. I think conventional painting rules are stodgy, archaic, to bend the spoon, you have to realize there is no spoon. Think outside the box, coexist, coexist and one more thing: if you don't know the difference between your and you're and ur, and yore then GTFO my facebook wall.

Santa Cruz

P.S. Please check out this really incredible Ted talk about how socially networked 3d printing and bicameral thinking is going to save Russia's economy. It's really thought provoking.

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