Damn Air Conditioning

January 17 2014

I've had it with my dormitory air conditioning - last night was the last straw. Now that's it’s warm out, some asshole thinks it’s a good idea to keep my room temperature as cold as the tundra of northern Siberia. So I brought this girl back (she's a soft 6) and we start going at it like two lemurs fighting over the last nibble of a fig newton. We rip off each other's clothing and the foreplay continued, but something started to feel wrong. Shivers were sent down my spine and goosebumps lined my body. And then I looked down. She did too. As our eyes met, I could feel the warmth of my cheeks as the redness swept across. Damn, shrinkage had struck yet again.

That was just a joke I made as my facebook status a few months ago… Or was it?

I go to Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana and it couldn’t be the more perfect school for me. It’s warm, the women are beautiful, and the academics are great. Oh, and I also live in the best city in America and the music mecca of the world. Every other night I’m shaking my ass to some funk band at Tipitina’s or grooving to a jazz artist down on Frenchmen Street. Tonight I’ll be making my way over to The Maple Leaf Bar to check out Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen. If you’re interested in some good New Orleans music, check him out. And if you want some funk in your life, look up The Main Squeeze.

For all my Phish phans out there, I only have one thing to say – READ THE FUCKING BOOK!


Sam Fihma
[email protected]
New Orleans, Louisiana

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