The Power of Touch

January 16 2014

Hello you all.

I often see myself being a bit rude when talking. Perhaps is my lack of ability in actually talk directly to someone for more then 5 minutes without forcing myself to think I'm annoying the other person, or maybe it's just this is simply a hard thing for me to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that introverted. Give me a bottle of wine and I will be the funniest guy around. But in normal conditions, verbal communication face to face tuns into a big challenge. It's a lot of insecurity and low self-esteem and I'm aware of that, but right now, there's nothing I want to change. Conformity is also something to be beaten.

But the bad side of it is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about what I've learned by not being able to hold a conversation that requires emotional levels.

There are times - during intense grief or fear, but also in ecstatic moments of joy or love - when only the language of touch can fully express what we feel. Verbal language the way we know it, it's just not enough. There are no words that can comfort or express a feeling more then a touch.

A high-five.
A hug.
A kiss.
A slap.
A punch.
Holding your own hands in a pray act.
A hair stroke.
Well.. countless kinds of touch for countless feelings.

Thinking about it and realizing that actually I am a touchy person when I'm just too afraid and insecure to use words, made me create a video. This video is an invitation for people to relearn the power of touch. There's much to be gained from embracing our tactile sense - in particular, more positive interactions and a deeper sense of connection with others.

If you want to check it, just google "The Power of Touch" by Juarez Rodrigues. I'm not a filmmaker but I felt like sharing my thoughts to the world.

What about you? Have you touched someone today? :)

Feel free to feedback me. I would happily read them all and answer.

A warm hug to all you readers.
Kind regards from the Brazilian who lives in Hamburg.

Juarez Rodrigues
[email protected]

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