Time-travel, Boardgames, Movies & Twitter action!

October 17 2013

Not your everyday subject line, I know, but it caught your attention didn't it?

I'm not going to write another lengthy meaning-of-life e-mail (ain't nobody got time for that). Instead, I'll share some little unrelated things that I enjoy and make up most of my life. If you really don't have 5 minutes to spare, I included a "too long; didn't read" at the bottom (but come on, make an effort ;).

(I'm a 27y old web developer from Belgium.)

Time-travel! Oh how I love this stuff. Be it the concept of traveling back and forward in time, discussing the grandfather paradox or simply devouring the internet in search of good books and original ideas. These things can keep me quite busy! Once in a while I jot down a concept or interesting point of view that pops into my head. Maybe I should write a novel about it someday, we'll see. All in due... time.

Boardgames! If you're someone who enjoys boardgames and would like early access to a new website I'm developing (it's still all secretive and hush-hush!): hit me up on Twitter! The project (codenamed 'Boki') is still in it's very early stages and could very well take some years to complete. Nevertheless I can guarantee you will fall in love with it if you're somewhat into board-gaming!

We continue! Boy oh boy what a roller-coaster of an e-mail this is!

Movies! TV-shows! How do I put this? The only thing that takes up more of my time then watching movies is reading about said movies and finding out everything there is to know about them. Checking up on blogs to watch the latest trailers or to read an interview with an actor or actress I like is part of my daily routine. There's almost nothing I like more then watching a movie with friends and afterwards discussing the whole thing for hours on end whilst enjoying a good beer.
Speaking of beer (I did mention I was from Belgium so the beer-talk is mandatory): If you're a beer aficionado you should try and get a hold of my current favorite: Gulden Draak ("Golden Dragon"). It's a strong, dark Belgian beer and there's nothing like it really!
Where was I? Ah yes, movies! Being a compulsive list-maker I even started a spreadsheet with movies and shows I've seen. Complete with dates, keywords and personal score (oh jeez, I know...).
If you want to exchange thoughts about movies or would like to share your favorites, be sure to send me a tweet (@wouterdebr). My personal all-time favorite is without a doubt Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004). Check it out, it sucks you right in!

Bringing us to the last part, for which I will need your help: Twitter action! Since most people enjoy random social interaction I thought it would be a fun idea if you could all grab your cellphones right now, pick a random date between today and say the coming 3 years, and schedule a reminder to send me a tweet (@wouterdebr) or an e-mail. You can write about movies, belgians, time-travel, or things completely unrelated to this e-mail really, the choice is up to you!
I look forward to receiving those messages on the most random of days and will try to reply to all of them!

TL;DR: I'm Wouter, a Belgian guy (yay! beer!) fascinated by time-travel and way into the movies. Tweet me for anything that's slightly related!

Have a nice day!

Wouter De Bruycker
[email protected]
Lede, Belgium

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