Millennials, Fight!

October 16 2013

Hey the listserve,I'm a semi-recent college grad (2012) who was able to launch his career in this economic slump and dead-end job market very soon after, evading underemployment. I am NOT an expert, but I'd love to share some tips with my millennial brethren in need (although I suspect that the demographic of the listserve includes very bright people who may not need them). However, if any good comes of this, that is my goal.

Brand Yourself:

1) Have a great social media presence. Needless to say, all of your social profiles should be clean and professional. Social networks like Twitter enable communication with high-up industry people that may not otherwise be accessible. Use this as an opportunity to network. I have met many people in real life from Twitter relationships. In fact, my second (current) job was offered to me because of my participation in a "Twitter chat" and the resulting relationships. Do not be afraid to contact people on LinkedIn. It is expected. Connect with everyone you meet as well.

2) Blog! Regardless of your industry, blogging helps to establish authority, showcase writing and thinking ability, shows internet-saviness and much more. I've heard people tell me that they have nothing to say or they don't have the time. Trust me, it will help. Even if you paraphrase industry news or write about your favorite TV show, I believe it's worth it. A free WordPress blog is fine for getting started. You should ultimately buy your own domain. They cost ~$10 a year and are a worthwhile investment. I received this advice through informational interviews I was participated in prior to graduation and feedback from my first position indicated that it impacted my candidacy. Also, Triberr is a good website for bloggers. Get on it!


Paul Shapiro
[email protected]
Montclair, New Jersey

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