You do you, boo boo

October 18 2013

What's up and welcome,

As every Listserve member out there has, I've toyed with what would I
write, well the time has come and now I'm undeniably overwhelmed. I
think I always knew I wanted to put some piece of advice, not
necessarily assuming everyone would follow, but in the sense that this
piece of advice was most helpful to me and it's my email, so let's do

But, before I get all "self help book" on you, I'll give you a little
background. I'm in my final year of college, and like everyone on
this earth, I'm incredibly busy. Rather than listing my achievements,
and having you gauge just how busy I am, just know that if there was
a way to never sleep thus providing endless time, I'd be the first
person to sign up. Biggest fear right now? I will graduate
unemployed. I'm terrified of not having a job.

Now that I made myself relatable, let's get all advice-y. In no way
am I attempting to convince you of what you should or should not do,
I'm just sayin' these things really stuck with me and have made a
difference. If for no other reason, I'm just sharing my story, feel
free to think "shove it" and not take any of my words seriously...

The best piece of advice I ever received was during a big interview
process I was going through, someone who had gone through it in years
prior came up to me and said "Don't worry about what everyone else is
doing- that's way too exhausting and will get in the way of you doing
your best". It really resonated with me and I try to apply this to my
everyday life.

I think I'm done now, because none of you have time or are
particularly interested in having me send some long email. So with
this, I'll give a quick shout out to Tim S., he's gem and a half and
introduced me to the Listserve. If anyone in life is going to go
extremely far, it's this kid.

Have a great day and remember,

"It doesn't matter if the glass is half full or half empty, there's
water in the cup" (Rudy Francisco)

Later skaters,

[email protected]
San Luis Obispo, CA

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