Be honest with yourself

January 08 2013

2012 was a rough year for me - losing my house, car, credit rating, shifting around friends' places and wasting a bunch of time recovering from technical issues.

It was the culmination of years of almost-sensible decisions. I offer one suggestion to avoid this:

Be honest with yourself.

Look in the mirror every morning and ask "what truth am I hiding from?"

Here are some ways I've been dishonest with myself:
=> Living like I was close to great entrepreneurial success with really I had no plan.
=> Spending more than I was earning: You don't *need* anything except food and used clothing.
=> Enduring a non-constructive relationship - telling yourself "marriage is for life" doesn't make it any happier. Inevitably you'll end up compensating in other ways.
=> Focusing on *appearing* successful rather than *being* successful. Who's "meaningful" was I trying to achieve?
=> Believing "I'm special" thus ignoring the logical advice of friends & mentors.

This is all obvious stuff. Reaching me as "advice" it didn't digest deep enough. I needed to experience the painful consequences of not "living" it to appreciate in hindsight how I failed to thoroughly practice it.

I'm working hard to be honest in the mirror. Honest with people around me and inviting honesty.

2013 is kicking off without the outward symbols of success I held onto so tightly before, but I feel better about myself than ever.

Happy new year friends.

Julian A Waters
[email protected]
Auckland, New Zealand

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