Tell me about your favourite book

January 07 2013

My New Year's resolution for 2013 is to read 52 books in 2013 - one book
week. I have only picked the first book so far: "Winter's Tale" by Mark
Helprin. It is my favourite book, but I have only read it in German. Now
I want
to read it in English for the first time.

For the remaining 51 books I would like for people on this list to send
their favourite books along with a short description. I'll start:

Winter's Tale is set in a fantastic version of New York City around
20th century. There is a great wall of clouds, in which time and
space seem
to work differently. There is a white horse, which jumps so far that
starts to fly. A beautiful but terminally ill girl which has
uncovered the
secret formulas of the universe. And a thief who is on the run from
gang, which he betrayed. All their fates are interwined in this
story spanning a whole century.

Please feel free to send me suggestions from any genre - I want to
broaden my
reading horizon. Thanks!

David Triendl
[email protected]
Zirl, Austria

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