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January 09 2013

Hello world:)

I don't have some special story for you so I just share you some thoughts, which help me to live and understand this crazy planet.

1. Boys! Don't be afraid to do something crazy for your girls. If you do something for woman, you will never look foolish in her eyes.

2. If you want make someone think that he is in love with you, do something scary together. Adrenaline hormones look like love (science proves it).

3. If you want to hug or kiss someone – do it. I don’t mean strangers on the street;)

4. Be careful at office parties. Don’t drink a lot.

5. If you want to do something, but you are waiting for a good moment – you will wait forever. Every moment is good and bad at the same time, start as soon as possible.

6. Don’t save things for a special case/events/etc. Wear good dress, eat good food. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

7. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission. Sorry, mommies:)

8. Travel as much as you can. Even to the next village. Broaden your mind!

9. Make plans but be ready to change it. Life is unpredictable!

10. Learn foreign languages. Conversation with people from other countries is one of the best things in the world.

11. Save some money every 1-2 month.

12. Remember – you can’t please everyone. Don’t worry about it, just do your best.

13. If you want to be with someone – make him feel great with you. We all need support and tenderness more than beauty. Unfortunately we often understand it too late. But be sure that these efforts make you happy.

14. At the same time remember – no one will fall in love with your soul from the first sight. Work on your body!

15. Just think about it – every atom in your body was once a part of star.

16. But the other side – all water you drink has been already drunk by someoneJ

17. Trite but true. If you want to do something – you will look for an opportunity, if you just think that you want – you will look for reasons to set it aside.

18. Sorry for my poor English;)

19. Всем русским подписчикам оппозиционный привет) Вместе победим!

А пока подскажите: нормальный пунто свитчер для мака - это фантастика?

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Moscow, Russia

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