Hell Yeah!

December 02 2012

I've been through a key moment of my life since April this year.
I had a strong spiritual experience that made me realize life as this huge adventure that you dont have any excuses besides enjoy it! I asked for an open heart and I received it, and now I have this mission to spread.

One of the tools is this new project which I'd like to introduce you:


MHCP develops products and content that we believe can make people's lives more joyful. We do so with an open heart, because our work is the reflection of what we are as people, our interface with the world.


Be incredibly fun
Be fair on you, so you will be fair on others
Strongly believe in what you are doing
Act by heart
Embrace creative freedom
Be fearless
Respect people
Don't put yourself below or above anything or anybody
Be brave, you need to stand up to a lot of people that just did not stop to think like you did
Be committed about doing differently
Think in a humanity scale
Be part of every minute of your life
Be responsible for everything single step you take


Art and Design
Doing GOOD
Building our own future

Drop me a line, let's connect!

I adore Listserve for the great people I get in touch with everyday, I've been learning a lot of good stuff with you guys.


Luisa Bernardes
[email protected]
São Paulo, Brazil

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