Selfish Selflessness

December 03 2012

What if I told you that there's something called "selfless selfishness"? (Try saying that three times really fast!) Throughout my college career, I always looked out for the best in others. I helped wherever I could, whether it was buying them lunch or going out of my way for a charity they were involved in. I never expected anything in return no matter what I did, and I thought there was nothing wrong with that.

A friend approached me one day and bluntly said, "You're being selfish."

Confused, I asked, "How could helping others out be selfish?"

"Tell me Dat, How does it feel when you help others out?"

I reluctantly replied, "Very good..."

"Then why not give others the chance to get the same feeling?"

Her words put things into perspective; I needed to let others have the opportunity to feel the same great feelings I felt when helping others. Giving and receiving is like breathing. Lungs function properly when air is inhaled (receiving) and exhaled (giving), and a successful person understands the proper balance of "breathing."

Today, I still continue to help others out. But I am aware of giving others the opportunity to contribute. I do this through a company that does motivational speaking, leadership development, and team building for individuals who are searching for success in their career and/or lives. I would love to stay in touch and offer my support and experiences. Follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Website by searching for Nolalight.

Dat Nguyen
[email protected]
New Orleans, LA

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