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December 01 2012

I was told a while ago that I should write a book about networking…it was a joke. However, if you’d like some random social advice from a UNC-Chapel Hill senior, here ya go:

1) Never be shy introducing yourself. Anytime you approach someone, whether at work or a bar, it’s a compliment to them.

a. People love to be approached for networking. Just by being interested you’re telling them that you see them as an expert in their field and you’d like to be where they are. I’ve never had anyone be less than thrilled when I asked them about their experiences.

b. Ex. I met the Partner and CCO at my advertising agency internship recently who everyone thought was intimidating. He’s actually extremely open, easy to get along with and full of advice.

Resulting from things that irk me:

2) If a girl is in a bar, she wants to be approached. Doesn’t mean you’ll be the one to get her number or take her home, but don’t be afraid to introduce yourself.

a. Guys may have a fear of rejection, but we came out that night in our 5-inch heels to talk to someone.

b. Hint: it might be scary to approach a pack of girls, but we’re in the pack because we’re just as nervous to approach you. The pack is safe, but we’d rather break away.

i. It’s depressing when you catch a guy’s eye and he smiles, but then never gets the courage to come up to you.

3) Know when to leave

a. I recently had a guy follow me around a bar even after separating twice. He was nice at first, but when a girl tells you she has to find her friends, she isn’t asking for help.

4) Don’t become the “corner creeper.”

a. It’s surprising how many guys will literally stare a girl down like it’s a pickup line. I wonder if that works on someone…

5) I’ll give you the best opening line that works on me: “Hi, I’m Tyler. *smiles*.”

A note to McLovett…

Stop hating winter. I know it’s freezing and dreary up there in Connecticut, and the days are shorter and darker, but it’s the best time of the year. There’s a calm about winter, when the air smells like burning wood and everything sparkles from the crystals on the trees. My favorite memories are from NY, sitting around a bon fire in snow with hot chocolate and family. Just enjoy the weather next to a fire with your favorite strawberry frosted mini wheats, and realize how much better summer is because you have to put up with winter. Don’t be a Negative Nancy. Winter is wonderful.

Katie Lee
[email protected]
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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