From Leiden to Zipaquirá, to the rest of the world.

March 09 2018

Time flies when you're having fun. And when you just won the Listserve and have only 48 hours to come up with something to write.

I am writing all of you from this little place called Zipaquirá, Colombia. Tomorrow, wednesday the 6th of March, marks my 8 weeks anniversary! 8 weeks of living in another country, fulfilling one of my dreams, and finally living outside the city I've been born and raised in for the first time ever! (Leiden, the Netherlands, is however a beautiful, lovely, lively and amazing little place! Make sure to check it out.)

Back in 2014/2015 I spent 7 months over here in South-America. I didn't actually finish my studies yet, but hey- I did already buy my tickets. And that thesis wasn't going anywhere anyway. South-America was my very last continent to visit, as I chose it to be. I had this idea it was scary, daunting and you must be at least completely fluent in Spanish to survive. Ofcourse, after arriving back in October 2014 I fell in love straight away, and knew I wanted to go back as soon as I could.

So here I am, working for a NGO in Zipa, giving English lessons and going on all these new adventures during my weekends off. I would love to tell all of you about these, exploring this beautiful country and continent. How Brazil is a rollercoaster every day, which in the end gives for the best memories. How I finally learned Spanish hitchhiking through Patagonia with 4 of my newly-found Argentinean girlfriends, or so I thought. Until I got picked up by some lovely Chileans..

Stories are best told face to face however, especially in combination with some local drinks, food and company. So if you find yourself over here in Zipaquirá, make sure to pass by. If you want to learn more about the NGO I'm working for; we are on social media! Look for morethanenglishcolombia. If you want to see some of my pictures, I started an Instagram recently too (lascallesdecolombia).

I loved reading 'all' of your entries. Especially the short, sweet and savy ones. Let me leave you with the best thing I learned during all my travels: laughter is the most understood language in the world!

So live a little, laugh a lot and go on all the adventures you possibly can!

Saludos desde aca,


Anna Helena

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