It's hard to draw when it's cold

February 22 2018


My name is Paulina and I live in a crappy and cold city of Warsaw, Poland. I'm a 25 year old graphic designer and animator and I'm one of the creators of a very cool family "theatre-like" TV series. I work for a public institution - a national TV station, and let me tell you - it has been a bumpy ride. I never really planned what I would write in case I won. So I will share some of my hopes and dreams for the future:

- Finally getting my master's degree finished (so overdue)
- Getting all the episodes of the series done (kind of stressful)
- Travelling the world and scuba diving (a great passion of mine)
- Getting a new job
- Moving somewhere warm
- Being happy

I am at a crossroads right now. I'm finishing the last few episodes of the series and I would like to find something new and challenging to get into.

I always want to meet new people - for opportunities or just to chat. I would love to hear how you're doing today.

Write me if you want to learn more about my job and series. Write if you have any book or movie recommendations or want any from me (9 books this year so far, yay!; and movies? who's counting!). Write if you are into art, graphic design, books, movies, photography, travelling, scuba diving, water sports, cooking, or yoga. Do you work in the entertainment industry? How is it in other countries - I would really love to know!


Paulina Stanek
Warsaw, Poland
[email protected]

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