I'll be fast.

February 15 2018

Hello Listservers,
My name is Francesco and I'm from a little italian island named Ischia. I have read a lot of massages from you, and they are all beatuful. I heard about beautiful stories and beautiful people. I don't want to give you some tips about life in this mail. I would like to do something practical. I wish we could serve each other. So, since we are all beautiful people and have great ideals, I would like not only to expose them to others, but also to put them into practice. Don't speak about it, Do it. I'm making a facebook group, the name is "Listservers pratically" where you can explaine what you really need for makeing your life more peaceful and we others can try to reach your goal. If yu need money or you need some tip or you need a girlfriend, maybe we all together can do something for you. Would be nice. We can try. Just speaking with other people and hear about other points of view, sometimes, is the right way to understand what you really need. The group at the moment has zero members, so be the first to join and explain what you need for making your life peaceful. We will do the rest...

A listserver who need something or maybe nothing.

Islad of Ischia - Italy

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