January 17 2018


I work as an archivist in a major research library. I often get asked about "the stuff" (manuscripts, old books, cool artifacts, etc.), but that's not why I love what I do*. Archival management/theory is a strange mix of philosophy, humanities, computer science, and chemistry; so many fields can be informed by it, and I highly recommend exploring it. If you're interested in information models, information ethics, and data structures, by all means get in touch!

A few years ago, reeling from a recent breakup, I saw that a local meetup was teaching a card game about cyberpunk hackers. Four years later, that silly card game has taken me around the country, put me in touch with wonderful friends, and got me on national television (see you in the spring!). It's strange how something completely mundane can turn into something so impactful.

If anyone is in NYC and would like to grab a coffee/drink sometime - first one's on me - I'm at [email protected].


New York City
[email protected]

* Although it's admittedly a nice side benefit!

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