The Beauty and Terror of all Things

January 05 2018

Hi Listserve!

My passions are technology, psychology and comedy.

Technology gives me hope for the future. Psychology gives me a window into understanding all the strange human behaviors. Comedy lets me laugh about all of it.

But each of my passions also has a dark side. Technology can be taken to a dystopian extreme. Watch Black Mirror for my favorite representation of this, or read about the new system that has been proposed for China. For every new social connection made on Facebook, there is someone else obsessively checking and becoming ever more lonely.

The science of psychology is great for understanding the brain, but it can lead people to view others as labels or categories. Comedy makes us laugh but also often masks the deep anxiety or depression of comedians.

All this is to say, life is about nuance. Nothing is all good or all bad. I think we can choose to recognize the dark side while focusing on nourishing the positive. I’m currently writing my masters thesis on using the addictive hooks of modern technology to instead encourage people to be more healthy.

I’m also writing a web series parody of shows like Black Mirror and Westworld.

Please get in touch if you’re also interested in using tech/psychology for good or creating comedy videos. Maybe we can help each other out!

May all of us have a little more empathy and compassion this year. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2018!

Jeff L.
Brooklyn, NY
[email protected]

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