A moment of reflection

January 03 2018

It is very easy to get stuck into a daily routine. In that way you develop engrained habits. This might even happen without you noticing it. So, try to take some time answering the following questions to bring a moment of reflection into your day.

Does your current occupation help in making the world a better place? Does it fit your ethics? Do you have a clear image of your own ethical system in your mind?

What is the last time you lied? About what? Was lying justified in this situation? Do you believe lying can be justified in some situations, or is it always wrong?

Do you ever overestimate your abilities or knowledge? Does this ever cause problems? Is there a way you can improve this?
-> Google "Dunning-Kruger effect" for a theory explaining that you often overestimate your abilities

What small or big habits do you have which (indirectly) influence the lives of other people? Do they have a good or a bad influence on other people and the world in general?
-> Also try to think of the indirect influences. For example the decision to eat a lot of meat influences the climate. Or a more recent one, if you buy Bitcoins you may also influence the climate because of the increasing energy demands of mining (Google "Bitcoin energy use")

These are bigger reflective questions, but you can also incorporate smaller questions in your daily life. These small moments of reflection can be plentiful; just before going to bed, in the shower, on the train or whenever you find the time. Self reflection can also be done on a bigger scale. Once a year it can be wise to take a full weekend (or even longer) to reflect on the course your life took that year. What made you happy that year? How can you consolidate these moments of happiness? What made you unhappy? What can you change to prevent this in the future?
-> A nice way for changing habits is to write them down as a "resolution of change" and reading them (aloud) every morning. It will take time if the habit is deeply engrained, but even then you can change is it if you are persistent.


This email also comes at an interesting moment for me personally. I'm just back from an 8 month trip around Central Asia (the cliché, home for Christmas) and now I am looking for my first job. I am looking for a small to mid-sized company in the engineering, design or consultancy sector (preferably a combination of both, a design/engineering consultant). If anyone reading this is looking for an analytic and creative mind to strengthen his/her company then don't hesitate to contact me. Preferably in the Rotterdam area, the Netherlands. But I'm open to consider international possibilities.
Linkedin: martin-everling-53102428


Finally I would like to spread the Instagram of my Lemon, @lennythelemon, which might be the first Lemon ever to trek to Everest Basecamp in Nepal


Thanks for reading,

The Netherlands

Feel free to contact me with anything through the following email:
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